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While still maintaining our core competency, we have dedicated our company to being a training provider by partnering with leading experts in their respective fields. All our partners are fully committed to every customer by offering solutions to enhance the capabilities of end-users. Our Training department endeavors to source and serve every partner with individually customized training solutions. Since this is a dynamic world with ever-changing threats we continuously search for the best solutions available on the market to enhance the capability of every man on the ground.  Some of the training courses we provide are courses for specific security equipment, operational & procedural security courses, and even team-building courses of different phases.


BLACKSPIDER  has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems, and services that meet the most complex security requirements. We have worked with various security agencies to conceptualize, manufacture, test, and refine unique equipment with success.  We allocate money, time, and resources to bring customized equipment for each or any agency or industry. Always highly attentive to demand and market trends, the company is now dedicated to constant innovation and offers mostly unrivaled products and systems, using the very latest technology and achieving the highest levels of technical quality





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