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Strategic Partners


Awareness Protective Consultants, LLC is a full service training and consultingfirm. Our team of consultants and trainers has a combined total of over 100plus years experience in the field of Military, Law Enforcement as well as total“real time” proven combat and operation experience.


Masada- security is a global security crisis solution & tactical training company that provide security services and tactical training to units, governments and privet clients all over the world. our team have an extended knowledge in the fields of government security and counter-terrorism units in Israel and overseas. Our teams are located in north & south America, Africa, Europe and the middle east. We provide our clients knowledge and experience that covers all they needs in the fields of counter terrorism and privet and government security.

Master Defensive Tactics Instructor, Abdul Mohamed, is the founder of Black Tiger Tactical. A Use of Force Expert, Abdul has an impressive and specialized background in the fields of Law Enforcement, Corrections, Private Security, Self Defense, Martial Arts, and U.S. Military Instructions, as well as numerous certifications and prestigious awards.In his expert role as the director of operations for Black Tiger Tactical, Abdul makes use of his extensive experience in his preparation and implementation of the program’s training curriculum. Abdul coordinates the services, programs, and training not only locally in WA State but nationally, and internationally as well.

MSTCI’s mission is to provide a comprehensive combination of academic study and practical skills that will provide MARITIME EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (M.E.R.T.) Divers and Maritime Security members a working knowledge they can build on. These skills will assist them in achieving their highest potential and become confident, competent in performance of their duties. MSTCI is training that saves lives. With over 80 years of combined experience along with tandem instructing methods, we can provide the best possible training.


Vistelar Group is a global training, speaking and consulting organization focused on addressing the spectrum of human conflict -- from interpersonal discord, verbal abuse and bullying – to crisis communications, assault and physical violence. 

When control matters, Officers and medical personnel can count on SureLock to provide the highest level of security, performance, and usability in the controlled restraining of prisoners, detainees, and patients.

LTL Vantage, Inc. continues to lead in the advancement of restraint devices for military and law enforcement with our next generation product, SureLock™, bringing true cut-resistance to the restraint market.

SureLock replaces our leading BodyCuff™ restraint system, expanding upon its superior functionality to include important new features.

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